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Building Local Resilience has EVERYTHING to do with supporting a vibrant, local economy!

The ECONOMY WORKING GROUP seeks to promote re-localization of our economic systems, with emphasis on low, moving to neutral, carbon impacts, and ecologically sustainable practices.

Local businesses mean local jobs.  Local employment means little or no commuting.  Local jobs mean healthy economies.

Local manufacturing means accountability and transparency to the communities affected by production processes.  It also means the people served help dictate the product and means of production.  Less shipping, less unwanted stuff, less waste.

Local production of the ‘basic need’ items of life – Food, Shelter, Water, Clothing, Energy source, etc.  will emphasize best allocation of our (local) natural resources, with an emphasis on moving toward 100% renewable resources.  Organic farming, Green building, etc.

Local currencies promote local businesses.  They keep a communities’ dollars spent circulating within the community, creating more exchanges and employment, locally.

Time Banks help foster a more connected community.  They value individuals’ contributions, and help people help each other in getting their needs met.  They promote trust-building amongst ‘strangers’, and generally can be a vital part of a healthy, functioning local economy (and community).

These are the highlights of Local Economics.  Join us in the discussion, and together we can help to re-create a robust, and healthful, local economy.

The Local Economy Working Group does not currently have regularly scheduled meetings, but if you are interested in these topics, and this work, please attend a WIT general meeting and let us know!

In the meantime… if you’d like to learn more about (or join) the Delaware Hour Exchange (a project of the WIT Local Economy Group), check out the website…, or join us for a ‘Drop-In’ meet-up event, on the First or Third Thursday of the month in Newark, or Wilmington.  (see the calendar on this site for details).