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Share Your Knowledge

‘THE GREAT RE-SKILLING’ is an important part of the Transition to local resiliency and sustainability!

Through ‘SKILL SHARING’ or ‘RE-SKILLING’ events we can teach each other, and learn from each other, how to be more resilient, self-sufficient, and less wasteful.  

Many of our parents and grandparents used to:  make things by hand that lasted for generations, mend things that were worn or broken (instead of buying new stuff), grow and preserve their own food, entertain their friends and families (with story telling, games, and music making), and more.  Some ‘low-carbon lifestyle’ skills are fading away from our cultural heritage (chair caning, and barrel making, for example), and some are enjoying a renaissance (such as knitting clothes, fermenting foods, and making herbal medicines).  When we honestly assess our future with less fossil fuel sourced energy, we Transitioners see the importance of many traditional skills.  They enrich our lives by bringing us together, and remind us of the value of community, sharing, and time honored traditions.  They also teach us how to be more resilient, and to value the time and resources that go into our material sustenance.

Skill Sharing events can be large or small – public, or private. If you have a useful skill and a desire to share it with others, we heartily encourage you to do so! The skill you share can be just about anything – for example: dog grooming, sewing, knife sharpening, cooking, fence mending, home brewing, bicycle repair, knitting, plumbing, gardening, food preservation…  You name it!  There are SO many things that people in our community would love to learn about, which are still best taught and learned ‘in person’.  

If you would like to host, or participate in a skill share event, or have a suggestion for a specific skill you’re interested in learning, please use the ‘contact us’ feature on this website and let us know about it!  Our goal is to have frequent re-skilling events in the Greater Wilmington Area.  Ideally, these events will be free, or very low cost.  While we honor people’s need to earn a livelihood, we are looking to make these learning events accessible to as many as who might be interested in attending them!