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More About Transition Towns, and the Transition Movement:

Where it all began… (England)  The Transition Network website.

Loads of great resources, training options, ideas and inspiration from those who’ve been at it the longest (all the way back in 2006!).

On our side of the pond… (USA)  The Transition US website

Learn how Transition Towns, Boroughs, Counties, and even States, are doing ‘transition-y’ things, American Style!  More great stories, programs, blogs, training and networking resources, etc.

Closer to home…  The Mid-Atlantic Regional Hub  website

The Mid-Atlantic Region has a Council of representatives from member states (NY, CT, NJ, PA, DE, MD, and VA), focused on working together to address regional issues that affect us in our common water-shed, and shared weather systems, and also work to support each other.  See what’s happening throughout OUR region on the website.

You’re here…  Wilmington In Transition’s Facebook Page


Transition Economics:                                                                                                                                                        

How to re-create local economies, and help them flourish, in the Transition Town model.  New economic realities for a new post-carbon world.

Time Banks USA                                                                                          

Time Banking explained – on the website of the people who introduced it in the USA.  Revolutionary in it’s simplicity – this is economics that helps make our society better!

Delaware Hour Exchange                                                      

New Castle County Delaware’s very own Time Bank.  Join us!


Not all B-Corporations are local, but in a Transition-ed world, not every business is local – just the ones we rely upon the most.  Some specialization is still desirable in a sustainable world.  Don’t forget, Wilmington, DE is the home of a massive number of corporations – just imagine if they ALL had the welfare of our environment and society core to their mission, and their operational decision-making!

Other Great Power-Down Sites:

The Post-Carbon Institute.                                                                    

As the name suggests – everything about life after carbon (and getting from here to there!).                                                                                                 

An education and activism oriented editorial website, with it’s roots in the Post Carbon Institute.


Things You Can Do Right Now:

Home Energy Assessment: Find Out Exactly What Your Energy Bill is Paying For

Opt-Out Registry for Junk Mail and Catalogs The DMA (Direct Mail Association) has an on-line portal to assist in reducing the amount of unwanted commercial mail you receive.  Remember – Reducing is even better than recycling!