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Fracking on the Left Side of the Brain

On Thursday, September 29, Jack Sol-Church gave a lecture about fracking (hydraulic fracturing), a controversial drilling technology for natural gas wells. A copy of his PowerPoint slide presentation in PDF format is here. Below are links to the multimedia information in his presentation.

If we don’t laugh we will cry – link to youtube video of comedy sketch about fracking, from the CBC comedy show 22 Minutes (contains suggestive language)

Where do we get energy sources? – link to table showing the sources of the United States’ natural gas supply

Dimock (and they aren’t alone) – Link to ProPublica news story about a large spill of fracking fluid and its environmental impact

Drilling animation – Youtube video showing an animation of the natural gas drilling process that utilizes fracking

Frack fluid concerns – link to a youtube clip showing a 60 Minutes story from 2010 regarding the concerns surrounding chemicals used in fracking

Public health concerns – link to youtube clip (35 min. 31 sec.)of a lecture by Dr. Conrad Volz regarding the hazardous chemicals found in fracking effluent

The whole process – link to youtube clip (1 hr, 45 min. 8 sec.) of a lecture by Dr. Anthony Ingraffea entitled “The Facts On Fracking”

There is hope – link to website of Occupy Together, an unofficial hub for all of the events springing up across the country in solidarity with Occupy Wall St.