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Creating a Culture of Peace: Local Resources

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Wilmington is a violent, wounded, yet wonderful place.

What do you want Wilmington to look like ten years from now?

Not your prediction of what you think Wilmington will look like, but what you want Wilmington to look like.


Describe this future ideal Wilmington in positive terms. Instead of saying, “There is no hunger in Wilmington” or “There are no murders in Wilmington,” say something like “Everyone in the Wilmington area has access to sufficient, sustainable supplies of nutritious food and is well fed.”

There is a vital need for a plan of action to transform the culture of violence that permeates the Wilmington area into a culture of peace. Let’s create a concrete, specific, and measurable vision of peace in the greater Wilmington area: Develop a plan and implement it to achieve the reality.

This Wilmington Peace Plan should include input from civic groups, city, county and state governments and agencies, faith groups, businesses, the young, the old, the general public. It should include the specific actions each of these groups needs to take to transform a culture of violence into a culture of peace. Legislative bodies must act at the city, county, and state levels. Congregations, non-profit organizations, and businesses must act. Neighborhoods, schools, and individuals must act.

The Creating a Culture of Peace database of local resources is a tool for developing the Wilmington Peace Plan. It helps us see, link, and build on all of the wonderful work we are already doing in our community to create peace: Yes, and

Let’s Celebrate Peace! Here! Now!

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