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The Delaware Hour Exchange is a project of the Economy Working Group in conjunction with our nearby neighbors from the ‘Sustainable Newark’ group. The Delaware Hour Exchange is a local ‘time bank’ – which is part of the international Time Banks Movement. In a nutshell, every hour of service provided by a member earns an hour of service from other members. It’s simple, it’s great, and it’s local! Check it out. We gave the DHE a page of its own on this website, and you can also learn more (and sign up) at:

Wilmington in Transition’s Seed Bank is a project of the Food Working Group. We are trying to get a partnership with a local library, to house a free Seed Exchange Bank, where members of the public can ‘check out’ seeds, and learn how to grow various plants, cook and preserve crops, harvest and store seeds, and then make ‘deposits’ of seeds at the end of the season, to perpetuate diverse seed supplies, and to ‘cultivate’ greater interest in local agriculture/horticulture. Currently, we have a seed swap at our monthly meetings – but we are still looking for a larger venue home for this project!


Wilmington in Transition teamed up with some members of Occupy DE to rehabilitate a small neighborhood vegetable garden in the Hilltop Community of Wilmington, as part of the city of Wilmington’s ‘Community Project Service Day’ in May 2012. Working in diverse neighborhoods, and in collaboration with other groups is part of fostering community strength – a core goal of the Transition Town movement.


4TH Annual Sustainable Local Holiday Fair The 2013 fair will be held on Sunday, December 8th, at Westminster Presbyterian Church, 1502 W. 13th St., Wilmington, DE 19806. Do to over-whelming demand from vendors and fair-goers in past years, we’ve extended the hours this year! The fair is FREE and open to the public, with free parking in the lot behind the church. HOURS: 3:00pm – 6:00pm. Come support local artists, cultural non-profit groups, and businesses – keep your holiday shopping where your heart is! You can choose from an eclectic variety of up-cycled, and recycled craftwork treasures, and local goodies of all kinds. Live music too! What could be better? NO MALLS!

An Introduction to Organic Gardening sponsored by the Food Working Group. Join us for a presentation about the whys and wherefores, the ins and outs of organic gardening. Whether you’re a newbie, or a veteran gardener, you can learn (and share your knowledge!) with others. Our presenter is Carrie Murphy, the Horticulture Agent for the New Castle County Cooperative Extension. We will explore soil improvement, composting, the benefits of organic growing, integrated pest management, addressing landscape ‘problem areas’, season extending, urban container gardening, soil testing, and more! You won’t want to miss this one. Come be inspired to grow stuff!


Sustainable Local Holiday Fair – 2010, 2011, and 2012. Typically we’ve held these soon after the ‘black Friday’ weekend – either late in November, or early in December. WIT decided that it would be great to counter the mass-consumption of mass-produced and imported products, often associated with winter ‘holiday gift shopping,’ and support our local economy. We include cultural arts organizations, so non-tangible gifts can be given, while supporting our local cultural diversity. Gift certificates to performances, and ‘honorary contributions,’ are available, along side of an amazing array of arts/crafts/foods, and other gift items which are produced by local artists and business persons.

Staycation Fair – In May 2011, WIT hosted a gathering featuring a broad variety of ‘stay-cation’ ideas and options. A ‘stay-cation’ is a vacation one spends locally. We presented many local, and nearly local options – from outdoorsy/adventure family vacations, to romantic get-away long weekend vacations, and everything in between. Delaware has many things to see, do and enjoy no matter what your age, activity level, or budget. We featured pamphlets, and contact information, and also had an inter-active idea share board for the participants, so we could all share our favorite places and entertainment ideas with each other. Several lucky raffle winners received free tickets to area museums and attractions, too! With no plane tickets involved, less fossil fuels used, and spending money in our local economy – a staycation is truly a ‘transition’ forward option!

Local Film Festivals in 2010 and 2011, Wilmington in Transition offered two local film festivals. Our definition of local is – locally made films – which are written, acted, directed, or produced (or any combination of these), and/or films who’s subject matter is local. We screened films in two local film venues, the Film Brothers Productions Movie Co-op, and the Hearts and Minds Film studio. We highlighted films about social change makers, and local artists. We even had one of the film makers join us for a screening, and have a Q and A session afterwards! WIT believes that supporting local living and local community must include support for a vibrant local arts and entertainment scene!

Local Heating and Local Eating – a two part series, with local WIT members, Jack Sol-Church of Green Fox Energy, and Karen Igou of the Delaware Local Food Exchange. Jack gave a presentation about energy conservation as the fist and best investment one can make toward building a more energy secure future. He is a home energy auditor, and made numerous excellent recommendations on saving energy. The most affordable energy is the stuff you don’t use! Karen gave a great presentation about the socio-economic, health, and environmental advantages of supporting local food production.