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Posted on Oct 29 2016 in

Wilmington Peacekeepers Vigil

Wilmington Peacekeepers Vigil

August 29, 2019 @ 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Weekly vigil at the site of the latest violence in Wilmington.

Check here or FB for the next location.

Founded in 2008, the Wilmington Peacekeepers is a multi-denominational, God-centered, ethnically diverse group of men and women who have come together in an earnest effort to reclaim individuals and society from the brink of catastrophe. First and foremost, The Peacekeepers are out to set things right with God, society and relationships. To accomplish this, we are working toward the following ten points:

#1 –A Spiritual Awakening
Based on an unwavering belief in God, and respect and love for Him.

#2 –Righteousness & Personal Moral Responsibility
A moral transformation of society.

#3 — Safer Streets
Through a real re-education in crime.

#4 –Unity
Forming Coalitions of all groups, all Peoples and races, and all religions.

#5 — Parental Responsibility
Challenging parents, men in particular, to properly raise their children.

#6 — Re-education & awareness
Raising the social, political and cultural consciousness.

#7 — Resources for the Community
Using them wisely to bring restorative action,

#8 –Improved Police Relationship
Striving for a better, two-way relationship, marked by mutual respect.

#9 — Drug Counseling, Prevention
Stamping out the plague of drug addiction

#10 — Mentoring Programs
Targeting men especially to get involved.